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  • When was Swift founded?

    Swift Solar was founded in November 2017.

  • Can I invest in Swift?

    Swift is a private company, and right now we can only accept investments from accredited investors. If you are an angel investor, VC, or other accredited investor, we would be happy to discuss a potential investment. Email us at to start the conversation.

  • I'm a fan of your mission and team. How can I support Swift?

    At Swift, we are trying to build a world powered by clean energy. One of the best ways you can support our mission is to educate yourself and your friends, family, and colleagues about the climate crisis and how technology and policy can help fix it.
    To support Swift directly, you can provide funding, connect us with potential investors and partners, volunteer your unique skills, or simply help us reach more people by sharing our story on social media. You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and join our mailing list.

  • How can I apply for a job at Swift?

    Check out our homepage to learn more about open positions, and submit your application here. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

  • I'm a journalist working on a new story. Would someone at Swift be interested in doing an interview?

    Sure! Please talk to us at It’s always helpful if you can include a brief overview of your story and how you think we can contribute.

  • Where can I learn more about Swift?

    Ask us anything at


  • Where can I buy Swift products?

    Swift products are not yet available to the public, but we invite our supporters to join the waitlist here. Tell us what you’re excited about at!

  • I'm a homeowner. When will you have products ready to install on my roof?

    Our initial products are best suited for integration into high-performance products powered by solar. We expect to announce a rooftop solar product in the future. Please sign up here for regular updates.

  • I'm a solar developer/EPC provider. Can I use your products in an upcoming project?

    Our current products are not intended for utility-scale PV projects. Please sign up here for regular updates on our future grid-connected products.

  • Will your solar panels work for my application?

    Maybe! We’ll need to learn more about your application. Talk to us at


  • I'm evaluating solar cell options for my company's future products. Can we discuss working together?

    Yes! Please talk to us at It’s helpful if you can tell us a bit about your company and products.

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