Leading with technology

We use cutting-edge science to engineer breakthrough photovoltaic technologies.

Perovskite tandem photovoltaics

We stack individual metal halide perovskite solar cells to make tandem cells. Tandems can break through the 30% conversion efficiency barrier, they can be manufactured at low cost, and they can be integrated into ultra-lightweight and flexible solar panels with up to 100 times the power-to-weight performance of conventional panels. Our perovskite tandem technology delivers abundant zero-carbon electricity for any application under the sun.

Silicon Cadmium Telluride Perovskite
Single Junction
% or W/m2

25% – 30%+


> 2 kW/kg

Low cost
$/W or $/kWh

Lower LCOE

Solar 3.0 is coming

To bring perovskite tandems into the world, we focus relentlessly on research and development to advance technology in three key directions.

Engineering the highest performance and reliability

Developing advanced manufacturing techniques

Designing products for seamless solar integration

Our scientific contributions

Swift Solar is built on a deep foundation of cutting-edge science.

Our team members are world leaders in perovskite PV science and technology. With over 300 peer-reviewed publications since 2012, we have advanced the field with pioneering work in perovskite materials science and physics, device architectures, stability engineering, and techno-economic analysis.

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